Due to the prolonged Enhanced Community Quarantine, there’s no doubt that most people are finally embracing the work-from-home set-up. With most employees finding this set-up more favorable because they get to work in the comfort of their homes without stressing about the commute or where to have lunch next.

Unfortunately, some employees are still iffy about fully adapting to this set-up. With the thought that this could be a disruption to their work-life balance; having no choice but to do their works in a place where we all take a break from work, not to mention the extended work beyond the regular 8-hour.

Before you get burnt out and quit, try maybe doing the following to help you lessen your stress:

  1. Be positive! – No, not virus-positive. We mean life-positive. Always remind yourself that you are blessed with the opportunity to do work and get paid in this time of crisis. You get to do something as we wait for the world to heal. Not to mention your safety. You’re reading this now because you’re healthy and safe. So always keep that in mind.
  2. Sign up on webinars or podcasts. – It’s always never too late to learn something new one day at a time. You can utilize your quarantine period to acquire new skills from free online seminars from professionals who are also using their quarantine period to teach.
  3. Sort your emails and clean your desktop files, etc. – This could be the perfect time to finally sort your computer files after months and months of telling yourself you’d do it. It might take a while but since we’re all stuck at home, why not, right? After all, seeing a very organized computer is like a breath of fresh air. It could be somewhat a restart for you.
  4. Design your own home-office set-up – A cozy workspace for a productive you. Maybe your make-shift office furniture like the ironing board, or whatever surface at home, is adding more stress to your work because you’re not as comfortable as you are in your office. So take the time to create the most comfortable home office set-up to help you become more office-productive.
Workplace office systems by Silya Mesa Atbp., is a local office furniture brand located at San Juan City that caters to B2B and B2C clients, has its in-house interior design professionals that can customize and create a design suitable for your quintessential work-from-home needs. Contact their team at sales@silya-mesa.com or reach them through https://www.facebook.com/SilyaMesaATBP/

The good news is, Workplace, a local office furniture brand, offers an affordable and stylish approach to this work-from-home period. Their multi-functional, customizable and a wide range of office furniture pieces are perfect for your dream home office. With Workplace’s carefully designed ergonomic chairs and work tables, you will surely find comfort and productivity as you work from home during the pandemic.

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