With the COVID-19 pandemic putting a lot of changes in our way of living, we could be seeing a permanent shift from office work to remote working or ‘work-from-home’ as referred to by many.

Companies everywhere are now investing on remote working tools in preparation for this new post-pandemic setup. With the rise of free video conferencing applications, instant messaging channels, large file-sharing platforms, and the thriving local internet networks, it seems that adapting to this new working lifestyle is not as difficult as some may have expected—especially now with everything going digital.

This means finally working at the comfort of your home wearing only your house clothes and your slippers. The problem is, by not having the proper home office set-up, most of us will just make do with our dining tables, living room middle tables, bedroom side tables, sometimes even the ironing board magically transforms into an office furniture just to keep us productive in our remote work. And as you move from one spot to another, trying to find the most comfortable spot, it’s just ironically harder concentrate while you do your work.

Fortunately, Workplace, a local office furniture brand, offers a more convenient and stylish answer to our work-from-home set-up dilemma. With office furniture that also fit different types of home spaces, Workplace urges professionals to create their own home office set-up for the long-run now that remote working might become a permanent thing for companies after the pandemic.

Workplace offers multi-functional and customizeable office furniture pieces that will surely fit your ideal home office set-up. From carefully designed chairs to ergonomic work tables, Workplace guarantees that you will find it your money’s worth to be working from home.

Workplace office systems by Silya Mesa Atbp., is a local office furniture brand located at San Juan City that caters to B2B and B2C clients, has its in-house interior design professionals that can customize and create a design suitable for your quintessential work-from-home needs. Contact their team at or reach them through

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